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Replicating Objects

There are several commands you can use to create duplicates of objects. Use the Copy command when you want to put the object on the clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.

To copy objects:

  1. Select an object to copy.
  2. Choose Edit > Copy.

Use the Cut command to remove the object from the page so it can be pasted elsewhere.

To cut objects:

  1. Select an object to cut.
  2. Choose Edit > Cut.

Use the Paste command to see the contents of the clipboard.

To paste objects:

The Duplicate command makes a copy without changing the contents of the clipboard.

To duplicate objects:

  1. Choose the object to duplicate.
  2. Choose Edit > Duplicate. The selected object appears on the page slightly offset from the original letter-b.jpg.

InDesign makes it easy to create a grid of an object as you drag to create it. This is known as the gridify feature.

To create a grid as you draw an object:

  1. Select the tool and start the drag to draw the object.
  2. Without releasing the mouse button, press the up/down or left/right arrows. This creates rows and columns that duplicate the object as follows:
    • The up and down arrows increase and decrease the number of rows.
    • The left and right arrows increase and decrease the number of columns.
  3. Release the mouse button when you have as many objects you you need letter-c.jpg.

The gridify feature is useful as you draw an object. However, it doesn’t give you numerical control over the space between the rows and columns. That’s when you want to use the Step and Repeat command.

To duplicate multiple objects:

  1. With an object selected, choose Edit > Step and Repeat. The Step and Repeat dialog box appears letter-d.jpg.
  2. In the Repeat Count field, enter the number of duplicates that you want to create in the top row.
  3. In the Horizontal Offset field, enter a distance for the horizontal space between duplicates.
  4. In the Vertical Offset field, enter a distance for the vertical space between duplicates.
  5. If desired, select the Preview box to see how your settings affect the objects.
  6. Click OK. The selected object is duplicated in the desired positions letter-e.jpg.
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