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Adding Custom Features to Your Panel

The Widgets menu really takes the configuration of the panel up a notch by letting you add movie players, pop-ups, and even HTML content. For example, suppose I'm really into following Peachpit on Twitter. Perhaps I'd want to have a Twitter stream right on my panel so I can browse the Web and do my work at the same time, as shown in Figure 6.

To add a feature like this, click on the HTML component and drag it onto the panel. Once you have the component sized the way you like, notice the Starting URL and Home URL settings on the right side of the application. These options allow you to load a page the moment the panel appears (Starting URL), and/or load a specific page when you click on the Home button (Home URL). I want to be able to load the short version of the Twitter website, so I typed for both of the URLs. As soon as you type the URL in the Starting URL box, a preview of the website will appear.

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