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Handling Errors

When a formula cell contains an error, Numbers displays a red triangle in the middle of the cell. Double-tap the cell to see the error message and fix the formula circle-a.jpg. Some common errors are:

  • Invalid cell references.
  • Syntax errors: Including unpaired parentheses, misplacing operators (2xx2), or including too many or too few function arguments (count the commas).
  • Math errors: Dividing by zero, taking the square root of a negative number, or taking the log of a nonpositive number.
  • Domain errors: Comparing values with incompatible data types (2 < FALSE) or doing arithmetic on non-numbers (2 + “text”).
  • Circular references: Creating a formula that depends, indirectly or directly, on its own value.
  • Overflows: Calculating numbers that are too big for Numbers to handle (9999^9999).
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