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Moving Files Using Email

If you’ve set up your iPad for email, it’s easy to email Pages and Microsoft Word documents as attachments. (To set up your iPad’s email accounts, tap the Home screen’s Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Mail, and at the same level, Accounts > Add Account.)

To email files from the iPad

  1. Swipe through the My Documents view until the document you want to email is centered on the screen. Tap the arrow button below the document and choose Send via Mail in the popover circle_a.jpg.
  2. In the Send via Mail dialog, tap one of the three available formats: Pages, PDF, or Word circle_b.jpg. A “creating document” message appears briefly at the top of the dialog.
  3. Type an address in the To: field, type in a message, and replace the Subject line if you don’t want to use the default (the name of the attachment) circle_c.jpg.
  4. Tap Send at the top right. The email closes and you return to the My Documents view of your document. Depending on the size of the attachment, it may take several moments before you hear a sound like a plane taking off—the iPad’s default mail-sent sound.
  5. On your computer, use your email program to read the message, and open the document in Pages for Mac, Microsoft Word, or a PDF program, such as Preview or Acrobat.

To import documents emailed to your iPad

  1. In the iPad’s Mail program, open the email containing the attachment. Tap and hold your finger on the attachment and choose Open in “Pages” in the popover circle_d.jpg. (See Tip.)
  2. Pages for iPad opens and displays a progress bar during the import.
  3. A Document Import Warnings dialog lists any changes made during the import. Review the list and tap Done. Pages for iPad displays the emailed document circle_e.jpg.
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