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Sharing Files Using

Apple’s online sharing service,, has a few kinks to work out. Using and a Web browser, you can add comments and notes to a Pages document. Currently, however, there is no way to actually view those comments on the iPad. Here’s hoping this changes in the future. For more on using, see

To send a document to

  1. Swipe through your documents in the My Documents view until the one you want to use is centered on the screen. Tap the arrow button below the document and choose Share via in the popover circle_a.jpg.
  2. After a moment, the document is attached to a new email message. Type an address in the To: field, type in a message, and replace the Subject line if you don’t want to use the default (the name of the attachment) circle_b.jpg.
  3. Tap the Sharing Options button if you want to change the attachment’s name, require would-be viewers to enter a password, or allow comments circle_c.jpg. By default, all three formats—Pages, PDF, and Word—can be uploaded. Use the slider buttons to turn off any format.
  4. Tap outside the Sharing Options dialog to close it. Then tap Share to upload the document and to send the message to your colleagues. In the My Documents view, a progress bar tracks the preparation and copying of the file to
  5. Once the upload is done, Pages asks if you want to view the document at by automatically launching your browser circle_d.jpg. If not, tap OK to close the dialog and stay in the My Documents view.

To download a document from

  1. Use your iPod’s Mail app to open the message inviting you to view a shared document at circle_e.jpg. (See the first Tip.)
  2. Tap the View Document button and tap Open circle_f.jpg. (See the second Tip.)
  3. Sign in when your browser takes you to circle_g.jpg.
  4. Your home page lists all the documents being shared with you circle_h.jpg. Find the document you need and tap the blue arrow (click if you’re using a regular computer) to download it.
  5. Once the Web download finishes, the document opens in Pages.
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