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From the author of Mixer Palette

Mixer Palette

The updated Mixer palette can be resized by dragging it away from the Colors palette group, and then dragging its lower-right hand corner. As you enlarge the Mixer palette, more swatches appear to make color mixing easier.

The Mixer allows you to mix color as an artist would mix paint on a palette. Begin by clicking on one of the Color Wells at the top of the palette (or choosing a color in the Color palette), and dab the colored paint onto the Mixer Pad using the Brush tool in the Mixer palette. Add a second color and use either the Mix Color tool (selected in Figure 8) or the Dirty Brush to mix the colors as we did in Figure 9. The tools at the bottom of the Mixer are from left to right (see Figure 10): the Dirty Brush, Apply Color, Mix Color, Sample Color, Sample Multiple Colors, Zoom, and Pan. Brushes with these dab types can paint with multiple colors that are picked up using the Sample Multiple Colors tool: Camel Hair, Flat, Bristle Spray, Blend Camel Hair, and Blend Flat.

Figure 8 Pulling on the bottom-right corner of the Mixer to resize it.

Figure 9 The enlarged Mixer palette features more swatches and a larger area to mix your colors.

Figure 10 The pop-up menu on the Mixer allows you to save Mixer Colors, add them to a Color Set, and more!

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