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Creating a PDF Presentation Using Adobe Photoshop CS5

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In this excerpt from Photoshop CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas show you how to create a PDF presentation that lets you easily package and send files to a client or friend.
From the book

Another way to package and send files to a client or friend is via a PDF presentation, in which images play sequentially onscreen. To view a slideshow, all the viewer has to do is double-click the PDF file.

To create a PDF presentation

  1. In Bridge, put all the files you want to display in the presentation in the same folder, in the order in which you want them to appear (they can be grouped in a stack). Display the contents of the folder, and click one of the image thumbnails.
  2. Click the Output workspace (or from the Output menuoutput-menu.jpg on the toolbar, choose Output to Web or PDF).*A A Preview panel displays above the Content panel, and an Output panel displays on the right side (A, next page).
  3. At the top of the Output panel, click PDF, then from the Template menu, choose Maximize Size.
  4. In the Document category, do the following:

    From the Page Preset menu, choose Web, and from the Size menu, choose 800 × 600 or 1024 × 728.

    Choose Quality settings. For Web or other onscreen output, choose 150 ppi or 72 ppi and set the Quality to 60– These settings affect the file size and the speed of transmission.

    From the Background menu, choose a color to be displayed behind the images.

    Optional: Check Open Password and enter a password. Your viewers will need to enter this password in order to open the PDF file.

    Optional: Check Permission Password and enter a password to restrict how the PDF file can be used (such as a restriction to print access). Your viewers will need to enter this password in order to print or edit the PDF file.

  5. In the Layout category, uncheck all the options, including Rotate for Best Fit, to prevent any images from being rotated.
  6. In the Overlays category, check Filename and Extension to have that data appear below each image, choose a Font and Size, and set the Color to White (or if you prefer to choose a custom color, click the swatch and use the color picker).
  7. Optional: To display a header above all the images, in the Header category, check Add Header, choose an alignment option, enter text, and choose text attributes. Ditto for a Footer.
  8. Under Playback, choose options for Acrobat:

    To display the presentation images at full-screen size, check Open in Full Screen Mode.

    To have the frames advance automatically, check Automatic Advance to the Next Page, then enter the Duration (Seconds) you want each frame to

    To have the slide show loop continuously (after the last frame displays, the show replays from the first frame), check Loop After Last Page.

    To display a transition effect between frames, such as a Dissolve or a Fade, choose from the Transition menu. Also choose a Direction option (not available for all the Transition options) and a Speed option.

  9. Optional: In the Watermark category, check Add Watermark,star.jpg enter text to be displayed in the center of each image, choose Font, Size (try 60–70 pt), Color, and Offset options, and a low
  10. Select all the thumbnails to be included in the presentation, then click Refresh Preview to generate a preview of the first frame, based on the settings you have chosen.
  11. Check View PDF After Save at the bottom of the dialog to have the presentation play automatically when you click Save.
  12. Click Save. In the Save As dialog, enter a file name, choose a location, then click Save. A PDF file will be created, and Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Pro, or Adobe Reader will launch. If an alert pertaining to Acrobat appears, click Yes. The PDF file will open onscreen, and then finally the slide show will start (BC, next page). To stop the show at any time, press Esc.
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