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From the author of Creating Animations (SWF Only)

Creating Animations (SWF Only)

Any object in InDesign can now have animation properties applied to it. The new Animation panel gives us a fast way to apply animations through a series of animated presets. Simply select an object, open the Animation panel, and choose a preset form the drop-down list. Once you assign an animation, you’ll notice a dotted arrow showing you the direction and distance of your animation. Additional properties allow you to control the duration, easing properties, looping options, and whether the animation starts, or ends, at the current position of the object to which it is applied. Additional properties can also be added to the animated preset in the lower area on the Animation panel. Changing values such as scale and rotation make it possible to further customize your animations.

Animations can be set to play accordion to a few different events. The most common is On Page Load, where the animation plays when the user goes to that particular page (see Figure 3). Animations can also be triggered by button actions, rolling over the object, clicking on the object, or by clicking anywhere on the page. By setting these triggers, you gain even more control over the user experience.

Assigning the onClick (self) option will create an object in the resulting SWF that animates the very object on which a user clicks (see Figure 4).

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