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Multi-State Objects (SWF Only)

This feature is extremely useful, in that it allows a single object to have many possible views, or states. With multiple objects selected, open the Object States panel and click the New Multi-State Object button. This creates a new grouped object where each of the original objects is represented as states in the Object States panel. Selecting each of the states activates that particular view for the multi-state object. This behavior is similar to the different appearances options found in the Button panel; however, you can create as many states as you like.

What's more, multi-state objects can be manipulated with a Button action. When you assign the Go To State action to a button, you are presented with a drop-down menu listing all available multi-state objects available on that page, or spread, as well as another drop-down menu listing the available states you can activate.

There are two more multiple-state button actions: Go To Next State and Go To Previous State. These actions are contextual to the multiple-state's current appearance. This means that if a multiple-state object is currently displaying its second state, a button action assigned to go to the next state will set the object appearance to its third state.

One more checkbox allows the action to allow the multiple-state loop around to the first, or last, state if a user clicks the button more times than there are state to represent in the multiple-state object.

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