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Combining Interactive Features (SWF Only)

The most powerful thing about the interactive features is that they can be used in conjunction with each other. For example, each state of a multi-state objects can have an animation on it. When this is the case, the On Page Load options become On State Load, allowing you to trigger the animation when the state of the multi-state state objects becomes visible. If you add multiple animations to a state of a multi-state object, the Timing panel will change from page animations to state animations, allowing you to change the timing of the animations playing in that state.

Animations can also be triggered by buttons, which gives you the opportunity to create remote interactive elements, such as animating one object with the same button that is changing a multi-state objects state at the same time. With an animated object selected, click the Create Button Trigger button in the Animation panel, then click on any object in your spread.

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