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Enhances your ability to line up photos and shoot them rapid fire

Gorillacam brings several features to taking pictures that mimic options on a camera. Apple doesn’t include these features for simplicity’s sake, but having them available (and at no cost) makes an iPhone more of a camera.

The app provides an onscreen grid and a level bubble to straighten or at least frame photos. One option lets you tap anywhere to take a picture, instead of using just the tiny camera button. You can also set a timer, take time-lapse pictures, and adjust for camera shake.

One feature I particularly like and use regularly is the three-shot burst. Unlike the new HDR (high dynamic range) feature in the iPhone 4 camera system, which combines multiple shots at different exposures, the three-shot burst takes three pictures as quickly as the app can, storing them separately.

With iOS 4, Gorillacam was able to fix one small problem in previous releases: the app takes longer to save photos than Apple’s built-in Camera app, and needed extra time to save. If you exited before saving, photos could be lost. With iOS 4, the app can ask iOS to finish up what it’s doing.

You might note that several of these features seem to require a way to keep an iPhone or iPod touch still. That’s because Joby also sells very nifty camera mounts with flexible legs, including one designed for iOS devices: the Gorillamobile series (

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