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$1.99 • Omer Shoor •

Sophisticated photo correction in a small package

Photogene is a tool for those with a mild to serious interest in image correction. The app has features recognizable to anyone who has ever needed to use a desktop program like Adobe Photoshop or Elements for fixing color shift, adjusting white balance, and redistributing light and dark through levels.

Start by loading a picture from your Photo Library or taking a picture if your device has a built-in camera.

Photogene divides its manipulations into several categories, some of which are corrections, while others are special effects or overlays.

Crop and rotate commands let you take a photo and trim it, rotate it, straighten it, or flip it. A filter option lets you choose sharpening, a way of improving the crispness of a picture when used in moderation, or from a number of special effects, like turning the image into a sepia-toned photo.

The color adjust view offers full-on levels adjustment in which you can change the overall distribution of light and dark across a photo. It also allows simpler contrast/brightness adjustment, which I haven’t recommended using since 1991, and some color tweaking.

The symbols and frames views seem a bit out of place with this app’s other features: you can add cartoon balloons or stars, or choose a frame around an image. I’d avoid these.

When you’re done adjusting, tap the checkmark. You can adjust the dimensions of the resulting photo choosing from a list (which shows the widest or tallest side) or entering your own value.

The app caters to professionals in the Share menu, allowing the inclusion of IPTC tagging and an option to include or exclude geotagging coordinates.

You can share the photos in several ways: via Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr, or to an FTP account on a server, as well as copying it or emailing the picture.

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