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Now that your reviewers have access to the file, they can start to review it and add comments where necessary after logging in to the review online. Next, you’ll see how to add comments to a review:

  1. With the review open in the browser, position the pointer over the Add Comment button in the toolbar (see Figure 13). A tooltip will appear giving general advice on the different types of comments that can be added.
  2. Figure 13 See the comment tooltip.

  3. You can add four major types of comments:
    • Part comment: Add a comment to the whole “part” or snapshot (some people think of it as the whole “page”).
    • Point comment: Insert a circle where you click to reference where the comment is referring to.
    • Area comment: Click and drag to create a rectangle comment around content.
    • Text comment: Drag across text to create a comment.
  4. Position the pointer over content on the page. Notice that if you position the pointer over text, the cursor changes to a text cursor. Position the pointer over some text, then click and drag to highlight the text. When you release the cursor, a comment box appears. Enter a comment and click Cancel or Save (see Figure 14). The comment will then appear on the right side of the browser window in the comments area where you can position the cursor over it and click Jump To to jump to the comment in the part (see Figure 15).
  5. Figure 14 Add a comment to some text.

    Figure 15 Jump to a comment that appears in the comments list.

  6. In the review in the browser, try adding another comment by simply clicking in the snapshot (the page) and entering a comment in the comment window that appears (see Figure 16). Don’t forget that there are four types of comments you can add, depending on your comment needs.
  7. Figure 16 Add a point comment by clicking to add a comment.

  8. Close the browser window and return to the open InDesign document from which you started the review.
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