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Make the Changes in InDesign

Now that there are a few comments in the review, you will view them in InDesign and make the changes (as necessary) to the document:

  1. Back in InDesign, with the review document open and the CS Review panel still open (Window > Extensions > CS Review if you closed it), navigate to the page that you uploaded for review. You will see the name of the review in the CS Review panel (ours is CS5_Mag). To the right of the name is the number of comments in the document. Double–click the number of comments to see the part(s) (if you don’t see it already). Then click the name of the part to show a list of the comments added by the reviewers (see Figure 17).
  2. Click each comment that appears in the list to see a thumbnail of the commented area.
  3. To see where the comments are in the InDesign document, click the Show Comments in Layout button at the bottom of the CS Review panel. This will insert the comment placeholders out in the InDesign document so you can see what they are referring to (see Figure 17).
  4. Figure 17 View the comments in the CS Review panel.

Now, unfortunately there is no button (yet) called Make All the Changes or something magical like that. You need to go out to the document and make the changes (if necessary) yourself. You can, however, reply to comments and flag them as done, approved, rejected, and more.

Next, you will reply to a comment:

  1. In the CS Review panel, click on one of the comments to show the comment thumbnail. Right–click (Windows) or Ctrl–click (Mac OS) the thumbnail and choose Reply (see Figure 18).
  2. Figure 18 Reply to a comment.

  3. In the Add Reply dialog box, add a reply to the comment and click Save (see Figure 19). The reply will appear in the CS Review panel, and will also appear on for others to see.
  4. Figure 19 Add a reply to a comment.

Besides adding replies to comments, you may just want to add a simple accept or reject status to a comment. These are called flags in CS Review. Next, you will add a flag to a comment:

  1. Right–click the same comment thumbnail in the CS Review panel and choose Flag > Rejected (or whichever flag you feel applies).
  2. Enter some content into the Add Flag dialog box, and click Save.
  3. Notice that the flag now appears beneath the comment thumbnail in the CS Review panel and in the review on (online) for all to see (see Figure 20).
  4. Click the “View the Current Review Online button at the bottom of the CS Review panel to return to and see the changes you made to the comments there as well.
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