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QuickPress is a great way to get an idea from your mind onto your blog in no time flat (Figure 4.8). As the name implies, this module is all about making it very easy to post to your blog. I cover posting from top to bottom in Chapter 6, but now I'll talk about the trade-offs you make for the speed of QuickPress.

Figure 4.8

Figure 4.8 QuickPress offers a fast way to write a blog post, with some limitations.

The QuickPress module allows you to write blog posts that include text, video, audio, and images, but you have to use HTML to format the post. Furthermore, you can't assign categories (though you can enter tags), and the myriad formatting options available in the far more robust Add New Post section just plain aren't available.

Why would you ever use QuickPress, given these limitations? Well, notice that Save Draft button at the bottom of the module? I don't know about you, but I often have a brilliant idea for a post, and if I wait too long to write it down, the idea just vanishes. QuickPress is a great way to jot down blog-post ideas and save them as drafts.

I cover the differences between a draft and a post in Chapter 6 and provide more details on drafts in the next section of this chapter.

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