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WordPress Blog

The WordPress Blog module displays, by default, the two most recent entries from the official WordPress blog. You can see the entry's title, a brief excerpt, and the date on which it was published. Clicking the title of the post takes you to that post's page on the WordPress blog.

Hovering over the title of the module reveals a Configure link. When you click that link, you see all the options for the module (Figure 4.10).

Figure 4.10

Figure 4.10 The WordPress Blog module, expanded.

Here's what the options mean:

  • RSS-feed URL. Enter the URL of the feed you want this module to display. As you can see in Figure 4.10, the WordPress news blog is the default, but you can enter any valid RSS URL. An RSS URL, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, is also called a blog's feed. It's a file that lists all the recent updates on your blog, and allows people to subscribe to your blog and read your updates in an application called a news reader. (Google Reader and NetNewsWire are two examples of such applications.)
  • Feed title. The default is WordPress Blog, but you can change the title to anything you want; then the module's name changes in the interface. You could use this setting in combination with the RSS-feed setting to display a different blog's content in this module and have it labeled as such. Neato.
  • Display of item content. Because this module is a mini-RSS reader, it only makes sense that you can display the content of entries. Only excerpts are shown in this module's limited space; disable this option if you want to see just titles.
  • Display of item author. In keeping with the mini-RSS reader idea, you can also display the author of the entry if it's available in the feed.
  • Display of item date. This option displays the date when an item from this RSS feed was posted.
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