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Effortless Flex 4 Development: Using the Network Monitor

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In this excerpt from Effortless Flex 4 Development, Larry Ullman shows you how to use the Network Monitor tool, which can be used to observe client-server interactions.
From the book

Using the Network Monitor

Another benefit of using Flash Builder is its Network Monitor tool. You can use it to observe client-server interactions. By doing so, you can debug, profile, and improve your application. For example, you can see how long server calls take, and how they might be improved if you tweak what data is sent or returned.

  1. With a project open, click the Enable Monitor icon in the Network Monitor panel (Figure 8.28).
  2. Run the application.
  3. Experiment with the application so that it makes several server calls.
  4. Close the application and return to Flash Builder.

    On the left side of the Network Monitor, you'll see a list of every server call, including the URL, the service type, the times (started, ended, elapsed), and the operation type (Figure 8.29).

  5. Click a URL in the left-hand column to view the details in the right-hand side.

    You can view the details of the request or the response. Figure 8.30 shows a request made when adding a new employee.

    Figure 8.31 shows the response when fetching all of the employees.

  6. Disable the Network Monitor before exporting the application to be used on a live server! There's no need to include the extra code or overhead in the end product.
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