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This chapter is from the book Copying and Pasting Motion Attributes

Copying and Pasting Motion Attributes

As you saw in the previous lesson, in Final Cut Pro you can copy and paste clips and transitions from one location to another. You can also paste specific attributes, including motion attributes, from one clip to another. Remember that when you paste filter attributes into a clip, you are adding to whatever filters already exist in that clip. Speed and motion attributes are a little different in that they will completely replace any other speed or motion attributes.

Figure 10.54A FCP motion attributes (collapsed view)

Figure 10.54B Available clip motion attributes to paste with two selected

You can copy and paste FCP motion attributes from one clip to another using the Paste Attributes window. All of the motion effects attributes in the Viewer’s Motion tab can be copied and pasted. You can also paste speed attributes.

To copy and paste motion attributes:

  1. Copy the clip that has the attributes you want to use, or select the clip and press Command-C.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Control-click the clip in which you want to paste the attributes and choose Paste Attributes from the shortcut menu.

      Select a clip and press Option-V.

    The Paste Attributes window appears, with a list of all the attributes that can be pasted.

  3. Select each motion attribute or filter you want to paste.
  4. Click OK.
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