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This chapter is from the book Applying a Freeze Frame Effect

Applying a Freeze Frame Effect

Creating a freeze frame in the Timeline is as easy as creating speed segments. To create a freeze frame, you change a speed segment to 0%. You can also create a freeze frame in FCP in almost the same way as in Avid. However, rather than choosing a freeze length from a list of durations, FCP freeze amounts follow the Still/Freeze Frame default duration in the User Preferences window (Option-Q).

To create a freeze frame using speed segments:

  1. In the Timeline, click the Clip Keyframes control to display the track speed ticks.
  2. Park the playhead on the frame you want to freeze. Snap the pointer to the playhead and click in the speed tick area to create a speed keyframe at that location.
  3. Control-click the segment to the right of the playhead, and from the shortcut menu, choose Change Speed Segment.
  4. In the Rate field, enter 0, and click OK.
  5. In the speed tick area beneath the clip, the speed segment displays no speed ticks because there is no clip motion past the freeze frame keyframe location.

To create a freeze frame using menu options and keyboard shortcuts:

You can also use menu options and keyboard shortcuts to create a freeze frame. One menu option, Make Freeze Frame, can be used in the Timeline or the Viewer.

  1. To target the frame you want to freeze, do one of the following:
    • In the Timeline, position the playhead on the desired frame.

      Double-click a clip in the Timeline or the Browser to open it in the Viewer, and then position the playhead on the desired frame.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Modify > Make Freeze Frame.

      Press Shift-N.

    A new freeze frame clip appears in the Viewer, with a marked default duration. If you want to edit a value other than the default duration, re-mark the clip and edit it into the Timeline. If you desire a different default duration for all subsequent freezes, set it in the User Preferences Editing tab’s Still/Freeze Durations field.

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