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Working with Text Boxes

On many slides, you’ll use bulleted text, which you’ve seen in most presentations to denote the individual talking points on a slide red-circle-a.jpg. Bulleted text is just that, text preceded by a marker called a bullet. In Keynote, a bullet can be either a text character or an image built into the theme. When you enter text in a bulleted text box, Keynote automatically inserts the bullets whenever you begin a new line by pressing Return.

To enter bulleted text:

  1. Create a slide with a slide layout containing a bulleted text box.

    Typical slide layouts with bulleted text boxes include Title & Bullets, Bullets, and Title, Bullets & Photo.

  2. In the text box with the “Double-tap to edit” placeholder, double-tap to place the insertion point.
  3. Enter your text.

    If your entry is too large for the text box, it will wrap within the text box, with the default left text alignment.

  4. Press Return to begin a new line.

    Keynote automatically inserts a new bullet at the beginning of the line.

Adding Text Boxes

Besides the bulleted text boxes found on many slide layouts, you can also add your own text boxes to slides. These “free” text boxes can be used wherever you need extra text on a slide. For example, you can use a free text box as a picture caption red-circle-b.jpg.

To add a free text box:

  1. On the slide where you want to add the text box, tap the Media button on the toolbar.

    The Media popover appears red-circle-c.jpg. Tapping one of the items in this popover places it on the slide canvas. There are four panes in the popover: Media, Tables, Charts, or Shapes. The popover appears displaying the pane you last used.

  2. If necessary, tap the Shapes button in the popover to get to the correct pane, and then tap the Text item in the popover (the big T).

    A text box appears in the center of the slide with the placeholder text “Text” gray-circle-c.jpg.

  3. Drag the text box to where you want to position it on the slide.

    As you drag the text box, Keynote will show you alignment guides (shown as yellow lines on the slide) to help you line the text up easily.

  4. Double-tap in the text box to get an insertion point and then enter your text.
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