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Reporting Abuse

If you see hateful, abusive, or otherwise objectionable content that violates Facebook’s terms, you can report it anonymously to Facebook. You can also anonymously report individuals who post offensive content, or who harass or threaten you or any other Facebook users. Facebook will investigate, and if the complaint is legitimate, Facebook will take the appropriate steps to warn or remove the parties responsible.

Clicking the X (Hide or Remove) link next to any Wall posting opens a pop-up menu that includes a Report as Abuse link, which allows you to send a report to Facebook. (You may need to mouse over to the right side of the posting to see the X.) If you spot a profile with objectionable content, you can click the Report This Person link toward the bottom of the profile. Groups have a similar link (Report Group) on their pages that you can use to report objectionable Groups, and so do Pages, photos and Notes.

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