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Dragging Edit Points

Another way to trim in the Trim Edit window is to drag an edit point manually in the scrubber bar area beneath the A- and B-side images. Like the other methods of trimming, this method also creates an immediate change in the Timeline edit points.

When the Trim Edit window is active, you can drag to trim the tail of the outgoing clip or the head of the incoming clip. Make sure you are dragging the blue edit point triangle, not the playhead (position indicator).

To drag in the Trim Edit window:

  1. Click either the A-side or B-side image, or between images.
  2. Move the pointer over the appropriate active edit point in the scrubber bar.
  3. When the pointer changes to the Ripple tool (single-roller) or Roll tool (double-roller), drag the edit point left or right, and then release the mouse button.

    As you drag, you see the edit points change in the Trim Edit window and in the Timeline.

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