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Adding an Image to Your Post

While text is pretty easy to enter and organize with WordPress, we all know that it’s the pictures that we’re really interested in. So, let’s look at how to quickly add a picture to your post. The method of doing this will apply to both posts and pages.

  • Step One: I went to, copied some text, pasted it into the Add New Post content field, and then clicked the Preview button. Filling in the entry with some sample text really begins to round out the post nicely. Now, obviously, we didn’t create this website for it to be text heavy. We’re going to want to place some images here. So, let’s do that now. In this example, I’m going to select a picture of my daughter Sabine looking up at my amazing wife, Jenn (yes, this shameless plug just lets me proclaim that I love being a daddy more than anything. I love you, Beenie!).
  • Step Two: I’ve exported the image I want to include in my post to my desktop (see Chapter 2 for more on this), so I’ll go back to the Add New Post page. Above the formatting buttons, you’ll see the Upload/Insert icons. Click on the Add an Image icon (it’s the first one on the left).
  • Step Three: When you click on the Add an Image icon, the Add an Image dialog will pop up. Click the Select Files button, choose the image you exported, and click the Open (Mac: Select) button. WordPress will then upload that image and place it in your Media Gallery.
  • Step Four: Once your image is uploaded, you can enter all sorts of information about it in the Add an Image dialog. The more information you fill in, the better, but know that you don’t need to if you don’t want (I’m certainly guilty of “Oh, just get it up there” syndrome as much as the next guy). The Link URL field lets you specify what you want to happen when someone clicks on the picture. Do you want it to go to nothing, to the actual image, or to the post that you are referring to (the one it’s embedded in)? More often than not, it’s going to go to the image itself, unless you don’t want to show a bigger image. The Alignment options are pretty straightforward—where do you want the picture to appear alongside the text. To the right? To the left? In the middle? Just click on the radio button for the option that you want. Choose the Size that you want the image to appear, and then click the Insert into Post button.
  • Step Five: I had my cursor placed at the start of the post entry, right before the text, and I selected the image to align to the right. Bam, the image appears to the right, and my text appears on the left. I love how easy this can all be. If you want to delete the image or make changes to its information, just click on it and you’ll see Edit Image and Delete Image buttons at the top left.
  • Step Six: Now, just click the Preview button to see the changes you’ve made in a browser window. You’ll notice that there is a grey box around the image. This is something that comes along with the caption I added to the image. If I didn’t enter a caption (and I usually don’t), that box wouldn’t appear there. When it all looks good to you, go ahead and click the Publish button in the Publish section in WordPress.

    Congratulations, you have just created your first post!

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