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Adding Categories & Tags, and Changing Your Publishing Status

When working with posts, some common things that come up are categorizing your posts, adding tags to them, and deciding when they go live. Thankfully, these are pretty simple to manage right inside of the Posts page in WordPress.

Adding Categories & Subcategories

To help keep your posts organized, making it easier for people to find related posts, you’ll want to create categories for them. These categories will appear on the right side of your website and beneath the post. On the Add New Post page (or the Edit Post page), to the right of the content field, there’s a Categories section. You’ll see that you currently have one category: Uncategorized. This is the category in which your posts are currently appearing. To add a new category, click the Add New Category link at the bottom of the section and a text field will appear where you enter the name of your new category. If you’d like to narrow your categories down further, you can create subcategories. In the text field, enter a name for a subcategory, then from the Parent Category pop-up menu, choose the category you want to place it in.

Adding Tags

Another good way to organize your posts is to keyword them using tags. Tags can be more specific than categories and they appear beneath the post on your website. On the right side of the Add New Post (or Edit Post) page, there’s a Post Tags section. Just enter a tag name into the Add New Tag field to attach to your post and click the Add button.

Changing Your Publishing Status

When you create a post, you have several options for publishing it. These options are found in the Publish section on the top right of the Add New Post (and Edit Post) page. By default, when you click on the Publish button, your post goes up immediately. However, click on the Edit link to the right of Publish, and you can schedule when you want your post to go up (the default is Immediately). You can also change the visibility option for the post by clicking on the Edit link to the right of Visibility. You can choose to make it Public, to password protect it (it’ll require a password to see anything other than the title), or to have it Private (not showing the entry at all on the site).

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