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Thing I Like #3: The Action Panes

So, with two toolbars and five menus, where do you find all the rest of Acrobat’s myriad commands?

These reside in something new to Acrobat: the Action panes (Figure 6). These are collections of tools that contain, as far as I can tell, the entire Adobe Acrobat feature set. There are tools here for literally everything, from annotation to touchup to optical character recognition.

Figure 6 The three Actions panes give you access to all of Acrobat X’s features. What I like most is that you can completely hide them when you’re not using those features.

The three the panes—Tools, Comment, and Share—can be exposed and hidden by clicking on their names, at the right end of the Common Tools toolbar (Figure 6); they are nicely out of the way when you don’t need them and yet easily accessible when you do. Each pane is divided into “panels” that may be opened or closed as needed. You can also remove panels whose tools you never use (Figure 7).

Figure 7 You can control what panels are visible in the Actions panes.

This gives you three levels of access to Acrobat features:

  • Features you use all the time go in the toolbars
  • Features you use occasionally can hang out among the Actions panes
  • Features you never use can be completely removed from the Actions panes so they don’t ever trouble your eyes
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