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Review and Pursue

If you have any problems with the review questions or the pursue prompts, turn to the book’s supporting forum (


  • What are the four primary arithmetic operators?
  • Why will the following code not work:

    print "The total is $$total";

    What must be done instead?

  • Why must an HTML page that contains a form that’s being submitted to a PHP script be loaded through a URL?
  • What functions can be used to format numerical values? How do you format numbers to a specific number of decimals?
  • What is the importance of operator precedence?
  • What are the incremental and decremental operators?
  • What are the arithmetic assignment operators?


  • Look up the PHP manual page for one of the new functions mentioned in this chapter. Use the links on that page to investigate a couple of other number-related functions PHP has.
  • Create another HTML form for taking numeric values. Then create the PHP script that receives the form data, performs some calculations, formats the values, and prints the results.
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