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Writing Functions and Closures in Swift
Dec 11, 2014
In this chapter from Swift for Beginners: Develop and Design, you’ll learn how to tidy up your Swift code into nice clean reusable components called functions.
Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL: User Accounts
Jan 9, 2014
Learn how to create and manage user accounts for a simple e-commerce system using PHP and MySQL.
Setting Up Your Workspace in Xcode
Aug 7, 2013
A true workspace in Xcode is a container that encompasses multiple projects that share common resources. This chapter shows you how to create an application suite consisting of an OS X application, an iOS application, and a shared framework that encapsulates all the common components.
Flow of Control in Python
Jul 26, 2013
In this chapter from Python: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd Edition, Toby Donaldson shows how to change the order in which statements are executed by using if-statements and loops. Both are essential in almost any nontrivial program.
Social Media Authentication and Authorization Using PHP
Dec 17, 2012
Social media authentication—the ability to log in to a site using your Twitter, Facebook, or similar account—has been well embraced by users and websites alike. Rather than forcing users to create new accounts at each site, social media authentication allows them to use their favorite existing account. Furthermore, authentication leads the way to authorization, where a website can make use of the social media site's resources. In this article, Larry Ullman will show you how to integrate this functionality into your website.
Making Sure Your Users' Passwords Are Secure
Nov 22, 2012
One way to improve the security of your sites is to beef up your methodologies for storing and handling user passwords. In this article, web developer Larry Ullman explains how to more securely store passwords and properly allow users to access your site when they’ve forgotten their password.
Creating a Shopping Cart Class Using Object-Oriented Programming in PHP
Nov 12, 2012
E-commerce is clearly one of the most prominent uses of PHP today, a trend that’s certain to continue. An e-commerce site can be created in many ways, whether that means using a third-party application like osCommerce or writing one from scratch in classic, procedural PHP code. In this article, web developer Larry Ullman presents the class structure you could use to create the core of a shopping cart application using object-oriented programming.
How to Store and Retrieve Binary Data Using PHP and MySQL
Nov 5, 2012
It isn’t too long into your web development career before you get to a point where you can store and retrieve plain-text data in your sleep. Being strong in this area is important, as plain text is the most commonly stored data format. However, there are situations in which storing and retrieving binary data is useful, too. In this article, Larry Ullman explains exactly how you can do that using PHP and MySQL, and why you would want to.
Basic Object-Oriented Programming in PHP
Oct 10, 2012
Larry Ullman explains not only the syntax of OOP in PHP 5 and later, but the key underlying OOP theories as well.
Implementing a Search Engine for a Message Board Using PHP and MySQL
Dec 15, 2011
Everyone knows how critical a good search engine is to the success of a website, but most developers—even well-seasoned ones—don’t know how to code a search engine themselves. In this article, Larry Ullman discusses a couple of ways to add a search engine to a site, while providing plenty of real-world code.
Mining a User Management System in PHP and MySQL
Dec 7, 2011
Basic user management—registration, logging in, and logging out—is a key aspect of today’s dynamic websites. This article walks you through some of the simple ways you can extend the code to provide added functionality to your website.
PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide: Using Numbers
Apr 7, 2011
The chapter begins by creating an HTML form that will be used to generate number variables. Then you’ll learn how to perform basic arithmetic, how to format numbers, and how to cope with operator precedence. The last two sections of this chapter cover incrementing and decrementing numbers, plus generating random numbers. Throughout the chapter, you’ll also learn about other useful number-related PHP functions.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP: Validating Input on the Server
Feb 22, 2011
In this lesson, with the help of a powerful third-party script library—Zend Framework— David Powers shows you how to create a robust user registration system that validates input on the server.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP: Why PHP and Why Dreamweaver CS5?
Feb 21, 2011
David Powers explains how Dreamweaver has become a powerful development environment for PHP without losing any of its visual development features.
Building an E-Commerce Site with PHP: Making Product Recommendations
Feb 14, 2011
Just as you’re more likely to watch a movie that comes recommended, recommending products to customers is a great way to increase an e-commerce site’s sales. In this article, Larry Ullman walks you through the logic required, and the decisions that need to be made, to implement such a system.
Creating a Customer Review System in PHP and MySQL
Feb 7, 2011
Adding a system of product reviews to an e-commerce site is one of many ways you can encourage customers to make a purchase. Author Larry Ullman shows you how in this article, including discussion of common features, definitions of the underlying database tables, and the actual PHP code and SQL commands.
Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL: User Accounts
Nov 25, 2010
Larry Ullman shows you how to work with user accounts when creating an e-commerce website, including registration, logging in, logging out, managing passwords, and improving security.
Time to Learn PHP? Dreamweaver CS5 Is Here to Help You
Jul 12, 2010
David Powers, author of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP: Training from the Source, discusses the dramatic improvements to PHP support in Dreamweaver CS5 that should appeal to designers and serious coders alike.
Connecting the View to the Model in Django
Jan 27, 2010
Steve Holzner shows you how to put three models -- Favorites, User, and Hyperlink -- to work in Django.
Flow of Control in Python
Jul 8, 2009
In this chapter, Toby Donaldson looks at how to change the order in which statements are executed by using if-statements and loops. Both are essential in almost any nontrivial program.

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