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Choosing a Pen Mode

You can select a pen mode to reduce any confusion by your Tablet PC about whether the ink you are entering on a page should be treated as drawings, handwriting, or both. If you start with one mode and then decide that a different one would work better, you can easily switch modes.

To choose a pen mode:

  1. Choose Tools > Pen Mode.

  2. Select Create Both Handwriting and Drawings, Create Handwriting Only, or Create Drawings Only (Figure 5.23).

  3. Figure 5.23Figure 5.23 If you want OneNote and your Tablet PC to make its best guess on your entry, choose Create Both Handwriting and Drawings. The other Pen Mode options let you specify how your entries are interpreted.

    If you choose Both Handwriting and Drawings, the Tablet PC will try to determine whether the ink you're entering is handwriting or a drawing.


If OneNote is incorrectly identifying your handwriting as drawings, you should use Pen Mode to instruct it to treat the ink as handwriting.

To switch pen modes:

  1. Select the note and move the cursor over the square handle until a small picture icon appears (Figure 5.24).

  2. Figure 5.24Figure 5.24 When OneNote misinterprets your handwriting as a drawing, move the cursor over the square handle to display the Smart Tag.

  3. Click the Pen Mode Smart Tag and do one of the following:

    • To make sure that OneNote treats your writing as handwriting, choose Treat Ink as Handwriting (Figure 5.25). OneNote converts your drawing to handwriting (Figure 5.26).

    • To convert handwriting to a drawing, choosing Treat Ink as Drawing instead.

    Figure 5.25Figure 5.25 Click the tag and select Treat Ink as Handwriting to convert the drawing to text.

    Figure 5.26Figure 5.26 The converted drawing now appears in a writing guide.

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