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Pasting Text from OneNote to Office

Copying text from OneNote and pasting it in another program is not much different than pasting it in OneNote, except that your notes may come from multiple note containers. You can copy single containers or several at once.

To copy and paste a single note:

  1. Select a single note container by clicking the note border at the top of the container.

  2. Right-click and choose Copy or press Ctrl+C to copy the contents.

  3. Paste the contents into the other application.

To copy and paste multiple note containers:

  1. Select the containers you want to copy by doing any of the following:

    • Click above the upper-left corner of the first note and drag to select all the notes you want to copy (Figure 9.9).

    • Click any open area in OneNote and press Ctrl+A to select all notes on the page.

    • Choose Edit > Select and then All (Ctrl+A), Page (Shift+Ctrl+A), or Page Group, depending on what you want to copy (Figure 9.10).

    • Choose Edit > Select and then select notes based on their outline level (refer to Figure 9.10).

    Figure 9.9Figure 9.9 Drag the cursor over your notes to select several at once.

    Figure 9.10Figure 9.10 Use the Edit > Select menu to select all or some of your notes to copy.

  2. Choose Edit > Copy (Ctrl+C) or right-click and choose Copy.

  3. Paste the contents into the other application (Figure 9.11).

  4. Figure 9.11Figure 9.11 When you have handwritten notes from a Tablet PC, the handwriting pastes as text.

Dragging Text to OneNote

Although copying and pasting is often the easiest way to move information between OneNote and other applications, you can select text and images and drag the selection to or from OneNote.

Unlike other programs, where you have the option to copy or move when you drag using the right mouse button, when you drag items to or from OneNote, you don't have an option to copy or move—holding down either mouse button and dragging moves the content when the document is editable, as Word, Excel, or OneNote documents are. You can select the original document and press Ctrl+Z to undo the removal of the content.

Dragging text and photos from Web pages creates a copy, however, since Web pages are read-only.

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