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Using OneNote with Outlook 2003

OneNote is more closely integrated with Outlook 2003 than with the other Office programs. You can create Outlook tasks from your notes and send notes by e-mail. Note that OneNote is integrated only with Outlook 2003; if you use OneNote with older versions of Outlook, you can't create tasks from OneNote or use the File > E-mail menu to send your notes.

To create an Outlook task from OneNote:

  1. Select either an entire note, by clicking the note border, or part of a note (Figure 9.12).

  2. Figure 9.12Figure 9.12 Select a note to create an Outlook task.

  3. Open a task form with your note selection in the task body and Subject field by doing one of the following:

    • Click the Create Outlook Task toolbar button (Figure 9.13).

    • Choose Format > Note Flags > Create Outlook Task (Figure 9.14).

    • Press Ctrl+Shift+K.

    Figure 9.13Figure 9.13 Use the Create Outlook Task toolbar button to create a task from your selected text.

    Figure 9.14Figure 9.14 Choose Create Outlook Task to create a task from your notes.

  4. Fill in the Due Date and Start Date fields on the task form and set a reminder (Figure 9.15).

  5. Figure 9.15Figure 9.15 The notes are inserted into the subject line and body. Add start and due dates and a reminder; then save and close.

  6. Save the task.


Outlook needs to be running for the task reminder to fire.

Outlook uses the first 256 characters in the selection as the task's subject line. You may want to shorten the subject line or enter a new one.

To create tasks from flagged items or single list items:

  1. Move the cursor over the note handle and right-click when the cursor turns into a four-way arrow (Figure 9.16).

  2. Figure 9.16Figure 9.16 When the cursor changes into a four-pointed arrow, right-click to open the context menu.

  3. From the menu that appears, select Create Outlook Task (Figure 9.17).

  4. The selected item is added to the task's subject line and body (Figure 9.18).

    Figure 9.17Figure 9.17 Select Create Outlook task to create a task from the selected item.

    Figure 9.18Figure 9.18 The flagged note is now an Outlook task.

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