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Feeling the urge to nest some layers? So long as you don't allow trespassers (see the earlier tip, "No Trespassing"), you can use a few techniques to make the process painless. Hold down the Alt (Option) key while clicking and dragging over another layer for an easy approach to nesting layers. If you will be doing a lot of nesting, there is a Preference setting you should know about. Select Edit > Preferences (Dreamweaver > Preferences) or press Ctrl+U (Command+U), and then choose the Layers category listed on the left. Notice the check box labeled "Nest when created within a layer"? If that check box is marked, whenever you start to draw a layer with the Draw Layer object while your cursor is over another layer—even without holding the Alt (Option) key—the new layer will end up nested inside the existing layer. Another approach to nesting layers is to click inside a layer, and then choose Insert > Layout Objects > Layer. There you have it: Three ways to nest a layer using Dreamweaver. Not enough, you say? You want another method? Okay, how about Ctrl+Click-n-Drag (Command+Click-n-Drag) the name of an existing layer in the panel and release the mouse key when the layer is over what will become the parent layer. You'll know you've got it right when you see the Layers panel listing layers in a tree-menu type of format.

Figure 5.9Figure 5.9

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