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Check out a Dreamweaver-generated page designed with Layers in Netscape 4.x and then change the size of your browser window. Notice that the page reloads? Dreamweaver adds what is known as the Netscape Resize Fix script to the page whenever a layer is inserted or drawn. Without this script, layers would not be in their proper place when users resize their browsers, which can get pretty messy. Dreamweaver doesn't add the script if you've inserted a <div> that has its positioning declared in the <head> of your page or in an external CSS file; it only knows to add it if the CSS is inline. You'll find the Add/Remove Netscape Resize Fix in the Commands menu—which will ask whether you want to add the script if it is not already on the page; otherwise, it asks whether you want to remove the script. If you decide to put the script in an external JavaScript file, you may want to visit the Layers category of Edit > Preferences (Dreamweaver > Preferences) to disable the automatic insertion of the code each time a layer is inserted by Dreamweaver.

Figure 5.6Figure 5.6

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