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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


In this chapter, you learned more about box modeling and about deforming 3D objects along a shape with PathDeform (WSM) modifier. Then, you learned the important steps that make lofting a productive, efficient tool in 3ds max 6. It enables you to create very complex 3D objects with simple 2D shapes that are editable to affect the mesh object.

Some of the techniques covered in this chapter included the following:

  • Box modeling—You learned to use box modeling techniques to create a complex honeycomb wall system.

  • PathDeform—PathDeform is a powerful tool that enables you to deform 3D mesh objects along a complex path. You learned to apply it to create a complex wall.

  • Lofting—You learned to use one of the most powerful and flexible modeling methods that converts simple 2D shapes to complex 3D objects.

  • Smoothing—You learned ways to smooth surfaces to control the "roundness" at shared edges of polygons.

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