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Like this article? We recommend

Adding Text Fields

The site visitor needs to enter their name and email address so that the video store can contact the visitor when a movie fitting their preferences is in stock. Because this information is fairly short text, you can use text fields to accept the visitor's information.

  1. Switch back to the Forms category of the Insert bar.

  2. In the second column of the table, in the first row, insert a text field by clicking the Text Field button in the Insert bar.

  3. With the field still selected, type fullName into the field on the left of the Property inspector under TextField.

  4. Figure 3Figure 3 Assign the settings for your text field using the Property inspector for the text input tag.

  5. Repeat steps 5 and 6 in the second row of the right column, this time using emailAddress as the entry in the field under TextField.

  6. NOTE

    Names of form fields should start with a letter, and they should have no spaces or special characters in them.

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