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Like this article? We recommend

Inserting a Radio Button Group

Some pieces of information that need to be gathered from site visitors can be only one of a set of mutually exclusive options. For this, adding a radio button group to your form is the right answer. A visitor can select only one of the items within a radio button group. If the visitor tries to select a different item, then the previous item selected becomes unchecked, leaving only the new selection checked. To add a radio button group:

  1. In the right column for the Preferred Media row, insert a set of radio buttons by clicking the Radio Group button in the Insert bar.

  2. In the Radio Group dialog, type preferredMedia in the Name field.

  3. Figure 4Figure 4 Use the Radio Group dialog to create radio button groups that allow only one item to be selected at a time.

  4. Click into the field immediately under Label, then type DVD, tab over into the Value field and type DVD. Hit Tab again, moving into the next row. Type VHS in the Label and Value fields. Under Lay Out Using, select Line Breaks. Click OK.

  5. NOTE

    The labels and values for a radio button or a select menu do not have to be the same. You can have a label of Mint Chocolate Chip in a form asking about ice cream preferences, but have the value of that item be MCC, or it could even a number. Just be sure you use values that make sense to the person reading the email, since the value is sent by the form processing script, not the label.

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