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Like this article? We recommend

Inserting a Select List and Assigning the Default Display Item

If the information you need to gather dictates that the user select one item out of many options, then a select list field is a great choice. To insert a select list and set the items to be listed within it:

  1. In the cell next to Genre, insert a select list, by clicking the List/Menu button on the Insert bar.

  2. With the select menu still selected, type genre in the field under List/Menu in the Property inspector to give the menu a name.

  3. Click the List Values button in the Property inspector for the select list to open the List Values dialog.

  4. In the field under the Item label column, type Select a genre, then type None under the Value column. In the next row of the field, type Action under Item label, and Action under Value. Repeat for Comedy, Drama, Mystery, and Western. Click OK.

  5. Figure 5Figure 5 Add, delete, and rearrange items in a select list in the List Values dialog.

  6. In the Property inspector for the select menu, click the entry for Select a genre in the Initially Selected field.

  7. NOTE

    As a default, many browsers will show the first item in a select list when the page is loaded. By selecting an item in the initially selected field, you can specify to the browser which item to display when the form is first viewed. Using this option, you can select items in a list that are not at the top entry in the select list.

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