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Adding Check Boxes for Multiple Selectable Options

If you have a piece of data for which you need only a yes or no answer, then a check box is the preferred form field for gathering that data. In the case of DWMagic Video Rentals, the visitor may want to have zero, one, several, or all of the various movie ratings to be considered when the video store is making suggestions for movies. Because each rating calls for a yes (include) or no (do not include) answer, a check box for each available rating needs to be offered in the contact form. To insert check boxes into your form:

  1. In the cell to the right of Acceptable Ratings, insert a check box by clicking the Checkbox button on the Insert bar.

  2. With the check box still selected, name it G and set the Checked value to Yes by typing in the appropriate fields in the Property inspector.

  3. Figure 6Figure 6 Assign a name and checked value to a check box via the Property inspector.

  4. Place the insertion point to the right of the check box, and type G. Press Shift[pl]Enter to insert a line break to move to the next line.

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 3, this time naming the boxes PG, PG13, and R, and typing Yes for the Checked values.

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