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Routine Campaign Analysis

It can't be said too often: Evaluate and re-evaluate your paid listing campaigns. Search engines' ad programs change. Online consumer searching and shopping behaviors change. Before you become aware of what the change is, you might very well witness its impact on your business in your ROI reports. That's one reason why you, or your Internet marketing agency, should run routine campaign analysis. Although the exact schedule is up to you, suggested benchmarks for analysis include:

  • Daily (short term: monitor the following types of activities during the first few days of launch): Addition of search engines/keywords/products, revision of a promotional offer in the ad listing or landing page, or a feature change by a search engine or your ROI tracking solution provider

  • Weekly: Quick system check on listing performance (traffic, sales, CPA, and ROI numbers), troubleshoot nonperforming listings, and update ad listing copy as necessary

  • Monthly: Deep ROI analysis (by search engine, products, and campaign components per product), evaluate monthly fluctuations (delete search engines, products, or keywords if two months or more of unprofitable performance), add new products and keywords, and modify ad listing copy to keep it fresh

  • Quarterly: Evaluate quarterly fluctuations and forecast the upcoming quarter based on past history along with seasonal market considerations

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