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Putting It All Together

With all the elements in place and contained within the movieGrid instance, you can position the whole unit centrally in your movie.

  1. Click Frame 1 (the script layer) in the main movie.

  2. Insert the following script after the volume slider positioning script:

  3. Listing 15

    //Positioning all attached elements 
    movieGrid._x = ((Stage.width/2) - (movieGrid._width/2))+(BOXWIDTH/COLUMNS)/COLUMNS;
    movieGrid._y = ((Stage.height/2) - (movieGrid._height/2))+BOXHEIGHT/2;

    Here, you define the _x and _y properties of the movieGrid instance so that it is centrally positioned. These values will be flexible based on the rows and columns variables.

  4. Test your movie and preview some sounds; click a box and click again to deselect it. If you are happy with your selections, click the Play button and enjoy your composition.

  5. That's it. Save your work.

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