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Transporting Color Palettes

Now we have a color palette consisting of just a few colors, which makes it very easy to find the right colors in a design. Now let's see how to use the palette in a project.

  1. Create a new blank document and save it as custom_colors.fla in the same directory as your custom_colors.clr file. Notice that the Color Swatches panel again shows the Web 216 palette by default.

  2. From the Color Swatches Options menu, choose Replace Colors to open the Import Color Swatch dialog box.

  3. Locate custom_colors_clr and select it. Click OK or Open to import the color palette to your Color Swatches panel.

  4. Change the Stage background color to the lightest color in your palette. (Don't choose white.)

  5. Draw a couple of boxes on the Stage using different fill colors and black strokes.

  6. Save.

If you did a good job of sampling colors from the photograph, all the colors in your new project will look good together, and you hardly had to do any work at all. See Figure 3 to see how the greens go together.

Figure 3Figure 3 Green, green, and green: How can I help you?

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