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Creating Bulletproof and Easy to Complete Web Forms

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Effective form design is a great way to boost conversion rates. Jason Fried and Matthew Linderman share with us the secret of how to create attractive and functional forms.
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Guidelines covered in this chapter

Highlight either required or optional fields.

Accept entries in all common formats.

Provide sample entries, pull-downs, and formatting hints to ensure clean data.

Explicitly state limits to characters, number of entries, and so forth.

If customers can't choose it, don't show it.

Validate entries (as soon as possible).

Button up: Eliminate the Reset button and disable the Submit button after it's clicked.

Assist form dropouts by saving information.


Forms are a hassle. "Invalid" responses, confusing choices, and unacceptable entries constantly gum up the works. It's no wonder that many busy surfers simply give up when faced with forms. Here's what you can do to help.

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