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Track How Reviewers Receive Comments

Track How Reviewers Receive Comments

Next, we’ll briefly switch to the reviewer(s) to see how they receive the comment(s).

  1. The reviewer(s) will then be able to click Check for New Comments in the yellow document message bar with their PDF open. A gray dialog box appears indicating that a new comment is available and asking if they want to accept it (see Figure 16).
  2. Figure 16 Check for new comments

  3. Clicking Click Here to Accept in the gray message that appears will insert the comment into your PDF (see Figure 17)
  4. Figure 17 The comment(s) added

  5. Back in your PDF (the initiator), click the server icon with the green check mark in the yellow document message bar (see Figure 18). Choose Save as Archive Copy. This will save a PDF “state” as it is right now, with comments included, anywhere you choose. It is a copy of the PDF being reviewed.
  6. Figure 18 Save a copy of the reviewed PDF

  7. Click the server icon again in the yellow document message bar and choose Work Offline. This can be useful (and will happen automatically if you aren’t connected to the Internet) if you want to work on the file, adding comments, etc. offline. This also means that any comments you add cannot be uploaded, but they can be sent via email. If you cannot connect to or you chose to work offline, the Publish Comments turns into the Send Comments button (see Figure 19).
  8. Figure 19 Publish Comments turns into Send Comments when offline

If reviewers were to add comments to the PDF while offline, they could click the Send Comments button and email a copy of the PDF to the initiator (see Figure 20).

Figure 20 Email the comments to the initiator because the reviewer is offline

This is an interesting side note, but if you are the initiator and are emailed comments from reviewers because they were offline, you could open the PDF they emailed you and the comments would be added to your PDF automatically. Then you could publish them “on behalf of” the reviewer. If you click Publish Comments after their comments were added to your PDF, a dialog box would appear indicating that you will publish them on behalf of the reviewer (see Figure 21).

Figure 21 Publish comments “on behalf of” a reviewer who is offline

The reviewer(s) would then be able to check for new comments and see that the comment was published “on behalf of…” the initiator (see Figure 22).

Figure 22 How the comment “on behalf of…” appears to others

Click the Reconnect to Server button in the yellow document message bar to reconnect to This automatically checks for new comments and informs you of that.

Figure 23 The Adobe Tracker in the Windows system tray

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