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Placing a Sticky Note on a Page

This article isn’t intended to describe how to put a sticky note on a PDF page; I assume you’ve done that before. However, just in case you are completely new to the Acrobat world, here’s how you do it. I’m making this pretty brief, because (a) you probably already know how to do it, (b) it’s easy, and (c) it’s covered in lots of other places, including the stunningly clear, concise, and complete Acrobat X Visual Quickstart Guide. (Why, yes, I did write it, thank you for asking!)

Note that if you have experience with earlier versions of Acrobat, the process of placing a sticky note is the same, but the controls have been moved to difference places in Acrobat X.

  1. In the Comment pane, click on the little speech bubble icon (Figure 4).
  2. Figure 4 To place a sticky note on the page, start by clicking the Speech Bubble icon in the Comment pane’s Annotations panel.

    The mouse pointer will turn into a crosshair.

  3. Click at the place on the page where you want the sticky note icon to go. Acrobat will place the sticky note icon on the page and open up its pop-up.
  4. Type your comment text into the pop-up.

There; now you have a sticky note on the PDF page (Figure 5). I told you it was easy.

Figure 5 We’ve now placed a sticky note on the document page.

Now let’s mess around with this sticky note’s appearance. (By the way, most of what we’ll discuss here applies to nearly all of the other annotations types: text edits, circles, etc.)

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