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Create Lists that Number Themselves

If you have a list of items, TextEdit can number them for you with numbers, capital or lowercase letters, or other options. When you add or delete items from the list, TextEdit automatically updates the numbering.

When you click the List button (circled above) and choose a numbering option, the numbers apply to either of the following:

  • If you select text on the page before you go to the Lists menu, your choice of list numbering will apply only to the selected text.
  • If there is no selected text, the flashing insertion point is “filled” with the list specifications, and everything you type from that point on will be in the list format. This is a good way to start a new list: Just make sure your insertion point is flashing where you want the list to begin, then go to the List menu and choose your numbering system, then start typing.
  • Each time you hit a Return, TextEdit considers that line to be the next item in the list.

To end the sequencing of numbers in a list, hit the Return key twice at the end of the last item.

To delete the list numbers, single-click anywhere in the list. Open the Lists menu and choose “None.”’

To easily access the advanced List options after you’ve started a list, click anywhere within a list, then Control-click (or right-click) in the list to show a contextual menu and choose “List....”

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