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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Feather the edge (make it soft and fuzzy)

A soft-edged or feathered selection is useful for special effects and for subtly blending a foreground image into a background. Feathered edges also enable you to create a montage of different images that blend seamlessly together.

To make a feathered selection, choose your selection tool, then set an amount in the “Feather” field in the Options bar. Experiment with a 5 px feather, and then with a 20 px feather. You’ll notice that the selection has rounded corners, your visual clue that a feather is being used.

Add a feather after you’ve made a selection

If you need to feather a selection after you’ve drawn it, do this:

  1. From the Select menu, choose Modify > Feather.
  2. In the little dialog that appears, enter the amount of feathering you want to apply. There’s no preview, so you have to guess how much “Feather Radius” to use.

Adjust a feather after you’ve made a selection

Not only can you add a feather after you’ve made the selection, this dialog lets you adjust the settings and preview them before committing.

  1. In the Options bar, click the “Refine Edge...” button (circled below), which brings up a dialog.
  2. In the Refine Edge dialog (below, left), set a Feather amount.
  3. Choose how you want to preview the results: Single-click the View well in the “View Mode” section of the dialog (below, right).
  4. Make your adjustments and click OK.
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