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Black and White: From Snapshots to Great Shots: Postprocessing

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John Batdorff explains how to create your vision onscreen and eventually in print using the workflow and the basic tools available in Lightroom.
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Realizing Your Vision with Lightroom

We've spent lot of time talking about how to get an image right in camera. In this chapter we're going to start to focus on taking that image out of the camera and creating your vision onscreen and eventually in print. Our goal in Chapter 4 will be to understand workflow and the basic tools available in Lightroom.

Without postprocessing software, it would be nearly impossible for me to create the black-and-white images I desire. I spent plenty of years in the darkroom, and while I get nostalgic every now and then, I've never enjoyed working in the dark. It's a brave new world, and Lightroom makes it all possible.

Now, I mentioned in earlier chapters that 95 percent of my work is done in Silver Efex Pro 2, but it's important to understand that 100 percent of my work flows through Lightroom in some fashion. The amount of time spent in either program really depends upon the image and what I'm trying to achieve, but more on that later. Let's go edit some photos.

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