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Library Module

Lightroom is an amazing image management database that allows you to quickly identify which images you want to select for future processing. Once I have finished importing my images (Figure 4.1), I navigate over to the Library module to select images to be processed. I'm not going to process every image I photograph, so being selective in Library mode saves me a ton of unneeded processing time.

Figure 4.1

Figure 4.1 Taking a little extra time during the importing process can save you a ton of headaches down the road.

While in Grid (G) mode, I like to minimize the left and right panels (press the Tab key and adjust the Thumbnails slider), so I can review several images at time (Figure 4.2). When I land on an image of interest I toggle between Grid mode and Loupe (E) mode, where I can view the image larger (Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.2

Figure 4.2 I label all my potential winners with five stars.

Figure 4.3

Figure 4.3 Use Loupe view when you want to see an image larger.

I assign any image worthy of processing a five-star rating (press the 5 key) so that I can quickly group my "potential winners."

If you want to narrow down your team of winners even further, you can use Compare mode (C) to compare individual images to one another. This is a great feature to use in conjunction with the Zoom slider. I find it incredibly helpful when looking over portraits and trying to decide between them.

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