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From the author of Combining Keynote and PowerPoint

Combining Keynote and PowerPoint

Keynote may be a better presentation program, but it still requires good compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint files. Happily, the program has made great strides in this area. From the beginning, Keynote was able to import PowerPoint files, but this update added the ability to export in PowerPoint format. There's no guarantee that your Keynote file will end up looking the same in PowerPoint, because the two programs have fundamentally different features. Still, a file exported from Keynote for iPad ends up in PowerPoint with reasonable fidelity (compare Figure 7 with Figure 8). Once you have the file in PowerPoint, you'll probably need to touch it up to some extent.

Figure 7 The original presentation in Keynote for iPad. Notice that the image has a picture frame applied to it (the torn look with the drop shadow).

Figure 8 The presentation from Figure 7, now shown in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. The background and image came in okay, but the image's picture frame has been removed, because that feature doesn't exist in PowerPoint. The Keynote fonts were preserved, but PowerPoint placed a bullet in front of the second line, indicating that the master slides weren't translated perfectly.

To export a file in PowerPoint format, share it just as you would any other file, but choose PowerPoint as the export format. See the later section "Sharing Improvements" for detailed instructions.

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