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From the author of Better Document Management

Better Document Management

File management within the earlier iWork apps was seriously frustrating, and the iWork 1.4 update in June 2011 addressed the problem with an entirely new document manager. When you launch the program, you now get a thumbnail view of your loaded presentations, as shown in Figure 10. Tapping one of the thumbnails loads that presentation. To make a new presentation, or copy an existing one to your mobile device, tap the plus (+) button in the upper-left corner of the screen. The resulting popover, shown in Figure 11, lets you create a new presentation (which brings you to the Choose a Theme screen); alternatively, you can copy a presentation from iTunes, your iDisk, or a WebDAV server.

Figure 10 The new document viewer shows thumbnails of all your presentations. If you have more presentations than can fit on the screen, you can scroll between screens.

Figure 11 Tap a choice in this popover to create a new presentation, or copy an existing presentation from a variety of sources.

Tapping the Edit button at the upper-right corner of the screen makes the presentation thumbnails shake a bit, just as app icons do when you want to delete them on an iOS device's Springboard screen. Tapping one or more thumbnails selects those presentations, and the icons in the upper-left corner change to Duplicate and Trash icons (see Figure 12).

Figure 12 When you select one or more presentations in Edit mode, you can click the icons at upper left to duplicate or delete those files.

Do you have a bunch of related presentation documents—perhaps all for the same client? Now you can group them in folders in the document manager. Just select one or more documents and then drag them to another document. This action creates a new folder (see Figure 13), which you can rename as you like.

Figure 13 You can group related presentation files into folders.

It's less important in Keynote than in Pages, but now the program can print wirelessly using AirPrint. Choose the slide range and the number of copies you want to print. To use AirPrint, you'll either need a compatible printer or a program such as Ecamm Network's Printopia ($19.95), which allows any printer connected to your Mac to appear on your iOS device.

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