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  1. Find Your Tunes
  2. Prep 'Em
  3. Burn 'Em
  4. A Word of Caution, or Make That Two Words
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A Word of Caution, or Make That Two Words

First word: naturally, you'll be listening to loud stuff. Please be very careful with your ears, seriously. Feedback—that horrible (except in the case of Jimi Hendrix) high-pitched noise when an input device receives its own signal from an output device—is a possibility in some of the procedures we'll be showing you. Feedback can cause permanent damage to your hearing, which is why you'll find Josh beating up sound booth guys who don't know what they're doing. We'll warn you, of course, when it comes up, but do try to keep your ears' health in mind at all times.

Second word: you'll be working with copyrighted material. Infringement on copyright is against the law—anyone who's ever rented a movie has seen the FBI warning regarding that particular issue. Neither of us condones the use of drugs, but one drug offers a convenient analogy: to be on the safe side, treat your creations like joints. (Those are marijuana cigarettes, by the way, for those unfamiliar with the term.) You're probably not going to get busted for having a joint, especially if you relegate this activity to your home, and even if you do get caught with a joint, it's not going to be a huge deal, other than the slightly uncomfortable brush with the law. If you get busted selling many, many joints, or carrying pounds of marijuana around in public in a big lawn and leaf bag, you're in more than a little trouble. Outside of that, we leave all else to your conscience.

A Note from the Publisher

Whether you do it one time or a million times, infringement of copyright is against the law. Period. Peachpit Press does not condone copyright infringement under any circumstances.

A Note from Josh and Bob in Response to the Note from the Publisher

While we are at variance on other copyright issues, we are together on this one: it's our contention that sometimes copyright must be infringed upon in order to preserve our culture, history, and heritage. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of old recordings never made it into the CD canon, and never will. They'll vanish into oblivion if someone doesn't digitize, restore, and preserve them. In our time, precisely the same thing will happen: millions of artists worth preserving will be left behind by whatever post-CD medium the record companies decide upon.

Will you decide what gets preserved, or will you let corporate America decide for you? We're guessing the former, and that is precisely why we wrote this book.

As Michael J. Anderson says in Twin Peaks, "Let's rock."

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